McGill University
School of Computer Science

Computer Science 308-535B
Computer Networks

Description: In this project, you are asked to implement a sliding window protocol over one link. As you will need to use sockets to implement this project, you might wish to consult socket article . A standard reference for socket programming is Unix Network Programming: Networking API: vol1, by Stevens. This is a good book to own if you intend to continue in the area. Or if you don't. Another useful reference is socket problems. This is a list of exercises which might be helpful. Take a quick look at them.

You may assume a window size of 8 and a fixed frame size. Each frame should be an HDLC frame, as depicted in figure 2.12 of the text. You should assign a timer with each frame as follows: each time a frame is sent to its destination, you should increment the timer by one. If, after a fixed number of frames have been sent, an acknowledgement is not received by the sender, the timer is considered to have expired, and the frame is sent again.

It will be necessary to demonstrate that the protocol operates correctly. To do this, you will have to (a) have the receiver deliberately drop frames (b) have the sender drop acknowledgements.

The implementation should be done using Linux machines in room 105. Accounts will be set up for those students who are enrolled in the course but do not have cs accounts. You are to mail the source code along with the executable to one of the TAs as well as well as a documented hard copy of the source code, along with a clear description of how to run the code. I expect extensive comments on the program. This means that I want comments on the purpose of each process, the inputs and outputs to the process, and comments on the meaning of the lines of code. The quality of your documentation will count as part of the grade. Finally, you are to demonstrate the project individually to the TA who is in charge of grading the assignment.

The assignment is due on Friday, October 18. . There will be no extensions granted, so don't ask. OK, OK you have an extesion to SUNDAY,OCT 20, MIDNIGHT. Then Cinderella's slipper turns to a concrete boot. Cinderalla'