Graduate Courses

Winter 2014

Comp 760: Harmonic Analysis of Boolean Functions
Instructor: Hamed Hatami

COMP 610A: Information Structures
Instructor: Luc Devroye

COMP 599 Advanced Probabilsitic Methods in CS
Instructor: Bruce Reed

COMP 6621 Discrete Mathematics of Paul Erdős (at Concordia)
Instructor: Vašek Chvátal

Fall 2013

COMP 690 Probabilistic Analysis of Algorithms
Instructor: Luc Devroye

Math 587 Advanced Probability Theory I
Instructor: Louigi Addario-Berry

MATH 552/COMP 552 Combinatorial Optimization
Instructor: Bruce Shepherd

MATH 553/COMP 553 Algorithmic Game Theory
Instructor: Adrian Vetta

COMP 567 Discrete Optimization II
Instructor: David Avis

COMP 691D Probabilistic Methods in Computer Science (at Concordia)
Instructor: Vašek Chvátal

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