Greg's list of places to eat

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Note: I no longer live in Montreal, so with few exceptions I have not updated this page since 2005.

Note 2: this page was never organized that well... Some info is missing, some names may be incomplete. But it's a decent starting place, I think.
Prices are obviously just a general indication, subject to time (may be out of date), and subject to appetite (may be more expensive if your gastronomic rapacity knows no satieties... Huh? ). Alcohol and desert is not included, as a general rule. Example notation: $5- means 5 bucks or less, $9+ means 9 bucks or more. Roughly. I tried to have prices include tax and tip but for some listings this may not be true.

Restaurants - Dinner (some available for lunch)

Lunch places
  • Lola Rosa $10- vegetarian Milton, near McGill.
  • Santropol $10- really strange (in a good way ), large sandwiches. Duluth
  • Jardin Nelson $15-20 open air in summer w/ live piano music, at Old port
  • Commensal $12- veg, pay by weight, self serve McGill College and St.Cat.
  • Il Focolaio $12 pizza, good thin crust, Carre Phillips, near the Bay.
  • Pizzaiolo $12 pizza, good thin crust ~crescent
  • Pasta Basta $8+ good panini, Sherbrooke and McGill Col. 288-7874
  • Nickels $12 various
  • Chez Gautier $$? Belgian or French or something. on Parc and Milton. Fancy and expensive.

    Quick and Cheap
  • Carribean Curry House $8- rotis (carib. pita w/ meat and potatos) Plamondon
  • Bombay Mahal $7- Indian. great bargain!! 1001 Jean-Talon West, corner Stuart.
  • Noodles Express $6 Oriental, some portions are gigantic. Maisoneuve.& Guy
  • Buffet Vichy $9 All you can eat. South shore.
  • Al Taib $5- for 2 DELICIOUS pitas. (Lebanese, but Its NOT shish taouk!) Get a Feta, and a Zaatar, all dressed. awesome for after going out on Crescent. Guy, between Sherbrook and Maisoneuve.
  • Basha $6.50 lebanese, for 2 shish taouk
  • Amir $8- lebanese, 2 shish taouk
  • Altos $8 pasta+souvlaki plates, good lunch special. parc+milton

  • Eggspectations $~13 good, a bit expensive mais.+crescent
  • Chez Cora $?? also popular parc
  • Dundee's $10- less well known, just as good. Crescent and Mais.

    Near Montreal