Computing Music

Eliot Handelman


Eliot Handelman is a metacomposer, musical philosopher, and artificial intelligist.
Eliot lives and works in Lachine, Quebec. Contact him here.

Andie Sigler


Andie Sigler holds an undergraduate degree in composition, a Master's in music theory, and is currently a PhD candidate in the McGill University School of Computer Science. Email.


Doina Precup and Prakash Panangaden: McGill School of Computer Science

Philip Karneef: ears about town

Where's the Beat: new music radio

John Usher: invention

Bill Dietz: tutorial diversions / composing correspondent

Maryanne Amacher: sounds with ears

Freida Abtan sonic/video dreamer

CIRMMT: Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology


Skyler Olson, programming intern (online analysis)
Alexander MacDonald, music theory intern
David Donna, programming intern (internal)
Jean-Benoit Chasles, programming intern (string fingering)

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