Jack 1

Jack 1 is a music generative system. It is "automatic" in the sense that it generates pieces by itself without runtime interaction.

Jack 1 is an experiment in creating music by organising musical pattern, shape, and motion. Jack 1 doesn't use any templates or rules or musical data; instead it organizes and shapes randomness to create structure that can function musically. The system is explained in this paper, presented at the MUME 2013 workshop

Jack 1's music is often animated and alive, with seeming musical awareness and familiar musical effects such as themes, developments, climaxes and contrasts -- though these were not modeled explicitly. The pieces come out "unfinished," as midi scores with flat velocity. We have (automatically or semi-automatically) orchestrated a few of them to add color and dynamics.

Jack 1 orchestrated

Proud Buzzy
Slow Samba
Plinky Plonk
The Joyous Beachcomber

Jack 1.0

These pieces are from the first generation of Jack 1 (2009), representing the moment when things began cohering formally. All of these pieces are different, though clearly work of the same imagination.

Melencolia Latin Windbird
Streak Comme Ça Waiting
All's Well Swift La Terre
Oscar Levant Suspense Quixote

Jack 1.1

Here are a few fairly large scale-pieces generated in 2010. The experiment was to generate pieces of about 5 min. that hold together and develop, with development being nothing more than the injection of a few new patterns towards the end. The effect on the form is variable: you judge. This approach will have to be deepened for something like a transformed turnaround to happen.

Plinky Plonk
Proud Buzzy

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