Karibuni (Welcome)

I am Kenyan born, my Mother is Russian and my Father Kenyan. I was born in Mombasa, a coastal city on the Eastern side of Kenya. To see where Mombasa is, please click on this link, it also shows the rest of Kenya. At the moment I have not scanned any pictures from my homeland, but since I am sure that I will have some time this summer, I don't see why I should not have any pictures posted soon.

Currently I work at the School of Computer Science at McGill University. My brother Michael has also graduated and will soon be leaving for New York for his new career. My sister Dina is now doing a Master's degree at the University of Toronto. So as you can imagine, we try to keep in touch as a family together, but we miss our parents very much. Mum, if you are reading this.

I miss you mum!

I had one great friend who was at McGill with me, he has now graduated and is in Kenya. Francis and I knew each other since we were about 12 years old. We both were at Greensteds Secondary School in Nakuru together. This is the first time that we are not in the same country. At the moment Francis is in USA pursuing a Master's degree. He can still be reached at this e-mail address

Francis if you are reading this I am sure that you can see that I have made a few changes to my webpage, and please keep in touch. You are the coolest guy.

As I spend more time on my webpage I am going to add information on more of my friends, I guess though it would be a good idea to ask for their permission first.

My Hobbies