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Unicorns Are People Too Unicorns Are People Too Unicorns Are People Too

Album: Unicorns Are People Too
Songs: I_Do_It  I_Was_Born_A_Unicorn  Child_Star  Thunder_And_Lightning  Innoculate_The_Innocuous  William_Clap_Your_Hands  Evacuatin_Somethin_Warm  52_Favourite_Things  Ghost_Mountain  

I Do (It)
i do it
i do it to you

(Let's do it)

all you christians
all you krishnas
we do weddings & bar mitzvahs!
we'll float with your parade
(so long as we're getting paid)

no principles just vice principles!

we wouldn't lie
"you've got it made"
we'll tell you what you want as long as we get paid

satisfy the bride
fellate the groom
to inflate your party balloons /
    we're gonna need a little bit more room
sure i'm qualified
i'll do anything you say
as long as i'm getting paid

no principles, just vice principles

we wouldn't lie
you've got it made
we'll tell you what you want as long as we get paid

I Was Born (A Unicorn)
...lena horne is not a unicorn
(but she's got a great voice)...

we're paper scissors rock (we're crackle pop!)
we want one-ups (not bran flakes!)
we don't got stirrups (we got the shakes!)

i was born a unicorn
and we'll die with wings

we're the unicorns and we read eunuch porn
we're the unicorns and we're people too

don't you stop believing in me!

(quartz crystals put 'em under your pillow)
Child Star
alden: is there a poster of me
       on your wall
       with short-short shorts or zipped down jeans?
       do you look up at night
       and wish you were me,
       under the stage under hot lights?
       are you visceral viscous?
       do you wanna make love to my sweet visage?
       and then's you it's you it's you

nick:  i wrote you a letter
       to become a member
       of your fan club
       but all i got in the mail was
       return to sender

alden: i was a child star, it wasn't easy

nick:  well i'm a child now, and you broke my heart
Thunder And Lightning
alden:  i don't care, i don't care
        leave their corpses in my underwear

nick:   smoke plumes become clouds
        you just blend in
        tu vas est tu vien

alden & nick:
        i don't care i don't care
        leave their corpses in my underwear
Innoculate The Innocuous
small doses daily
absorbed and collected
in the glands and fatty tissues
over time...

somewhere in the asshole of my eye
there's a muscle which relaxes when you cry
and somewhere in the eye of my brain..

storage cells for shit and substance
but new flavours and aromas

banana helps me unwind
watermelon makes it awesome
William, Clap Your Hands
clap your hands if you want some
clap your hands if you can't wait

take your things i stole
they worked sufficiently but not great
i'd stay for scoldings but i am late

look if they're not there, then they've been sold
(is that not OK?)
William, it's your own fault

oh, let it rest on the sabbath day
learn to stand and sway (clap your hands it'll be ok)
dancez vous the night today
it's all gone anyway
Evacuatin' Somethin' Warm
nick:  something warm would be something nice
       to keep me from moaning in the morning
       and mourning through the night

alden: take your things from my house
       evacuate my life
       it's over

nick:  everything's okay in its own little way

alden: clap your hands/clap your hands
       clap your hands if you want some

       clap your hands/clap your hands
       clap your hands if you can't wait
52 Favourite Things
headed to bed on sunday
well that's OK
my birthday's a week away
gonna (1) have a cake, (2) swim at the beach
(3) wake up early, & (4) go to bed late

(25) golden loyal dog by the (36) ground well
(38) fresh cut grass (42) ocean in the seashell
(44) burying robins in the backyard
(49) use potassium iodide to make slugs shrink and die
(51) blaming my sister, until i'm free, it's my 52 favourite thing,
     next to (52) being me.

* Please note for this song the numbers next to certain words
correspond to the actual numbers of a confensed version of Nick's
"52 favourite things".
Ghost Mountain
when we climbed to the peak/we planted a flag
but the second we had/I felt bad
and then night came/so we got in our sleeping bags
when someone told a story/about something dead and gory

there was heat/from the fire
but i still froze/when i saw the ghost   X2

i told the gang/we weren't welcome
the ghost made that clear
so we stepped back/but it was drawing near
and it lunged for our throats/so we packed our things, made tracks
undid our footprints/even furled our flag

and we were gone
but what was on/the mountain top? X2

Sweet nothing! I made it up!
So we'd make it down/with no territorial claim  X2

on Ghost Mountain