The Unicorns :: Music

Album: Pre-Album

Gut Stains
use long lens to spy?/well it depends on my/willingness to pry
privy to information/i control the news/what you believe/that you've
perceived/is what i get to choose...

the headline says/that survey says: PEOPLE DO IT IN THE BEDROOM
and HEADLESS BODY IN A TOPLESS BAR (decapitated cranium in a house of ill
repute)/watching me/watching youuuuuuuuuuu.....

so i knelt down/hiding behind the picket fence/and i watched you spill your
guts on that brand new dress/i pulled out the stops/F 2.8 to be exact/and a
close-up of the once pristine dress/no longer left in tact...

gut stains/the end   X3