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Album: Pre-Album
Songs: Jellybones  Lets_Get_Known  Peach_Moon  Gut_Stains  Are_We_Expandin  

For so long I trailed you
now here I am but I can't stand with these jellybones.

Checked myself into emergency, urgently.
Drove up in my bone camarrow thinking only about you.
The doctor walked her crew of surgeons to the table where I lay.
When I came to my kneecaps were off and they were soft,
I had Jellybones.

I woke him up, broke the news, after everything was sewn.
"Son you've got a full blown case of what is known as Jellybones."

Jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly... Jellybones.

But this is love so we'll survive.
Let's Get Known
say, let's get known
if we work real hard, we can buy some matching clothes
for our live shows

hey, just look at the ants on the floor
they work real hard, lifting three times their mass
and sometimes more

so what do you say?
let's get known!
let's have two spotlight's shining
with all our work shown

what do you say?
Peach Moon
sun-smudged peach moon/softer than an ice cream cone in june
and why is it that/lightning strikes so perfectly at night ?

what you do is what you choose
but consider consequences when you lose

all my life/i've been waiting for/a sign to say move on/and tonight/
all the salt that's in the air just feels right

sun-smudged peach moon/softer than and ice cream cone in june
and why is it that/thunder purrs so strikingly at night ?
Gut Stains
use long lens to spy?/well it depends on my/willingness to pry
privy to information/i control the news/what you believe/that you've
perceived/is what i get to choose...

the headline says/that survey says: PEOPLE DO IT IN THE BEDROOM
and HEADLESS BODY IN A TOPLESS BAR (decapitated cranium in a house of ill
repute)/watching me/watching youuuuuuuuuuu.....

so i knelt down/hiding behind the picket fence/and i watched you spill your
guts on that brand new dress/i pulled out the stops/F 2.8 to be exact/and a
close-up of the once pristine dress/no longer left in tact...

gut stains/the end   X3
Are We Expandin (In An Ice Capade Meltdown)
come on look alive! you've got some time
                    before you die

a kalaedoscope collage of 3 thousand 2 car garages
is there anything else? (maybe ice capades, or maybe even charades)