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Summer Camp for High School Students

Every summer, the School of Computer Science hosts Be A Computer Scientist For A Week, a summer camp for high school students.

Are you intrigued by science? Have you ever tried to analyze exactly how a computer works? Are you good at problem solving, trouble-shooting, and coming up with original solutions? When people ask you about how many languages you are familiar with, do you answer: "Three. English, French and Java?"

If so, then our summer camp is the place for you! About sixty students from high schools across the Montreal area are given the opportunity to live out their passion, and learn more about the intricate sides of computer science! The name computer science, or CS for short, might give the impression that we are trying to study computers, the everyday machines we use for e-mail, chatting and watching movies. But CS is not about surfing the net, making charts with Excel, or even just writing programs. Dijkstra, a famous computer scientist, once said: "Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes."

Mission to Mars

Be A Computer Scientist for a Week is a free, but intensive camp. It takes place on the McGill University campus, in the heart of downtown. The camp is designed around themes, such as "Mission to Mars" and "Game Programming Guru." Every morning, students attend a cool presentation about a different field of computer science, like graphics, artificial intelligence, or robotics. Then there are lab assignments and projects to be solved in teams. The projects start out simple and become more complex. By the end of the 2006 edition, in Mission to Mars, students had designed and built artificial intelligence systems and programmed robotics. Those in Game Programming Guru learned about graphics and developed their own video games.

To learn more about the 2008 edition of the camp, please visit

Game Programming Guru