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Mike Hallett


Email: hallett AT mcb DOT mcgill DOT ca
Home Page:
Office: Bellini Building (Life Sciences Complex) 434
Phone: +1-514-398-5928
Fax: +1-514-398-3387

Research Description

I mainly use tools from statistical inference and algorithm design to address problems arising in biological and medical research. My research currently focuses on Breast Cancer (with W. Muller, M. Park, P. Siegel, Molecular Oncology), the Endoplasmic Reticulum interactome (with D. Thomas, E. Chevet, K. Gehring, J. Bergeron, Biochemistry/Cell Biology), and Cystic/Pulmonary Fibrosis (with C. Haston, Medicine). Each of these projects contains many interesting statistical and computational problems and solid, pragmatic solutions to these problems can have significant impact on our understanding of the underlying biology.

I am a member of the McGill Centre for Bioinformatics and an associate member of the Department of Biochemistry.

Research Interests

Research Labs


Selected Publications (click link in front of each publication to see bibtex in ASCII format)

[1] Finak, G., Bertos, N., Pepin, F., Sadekova, S., Zhao, H., Chen, H., Omeroglu, G., Meterissian, S., Omeroglu, A., Hallett, M., and Park, M. Stromal gene expression predicts clinical outcome in breast cancer. Nature Medicine, May 2008, v. 14, n. 5, pp. 518-527. IF: 26.382/2.
[2] Brown, S., Suderman, M. J., Hallett, M., and Szyf, M. Dna demethylation induced by the methyl-cpg-binding domain protein mbd3. GENE, September 2008, v. 420, n. 2, pp. 99-106. Epub 2008 Jul 4. IF: 2.871/0.
[3] Dourdin, N., Schade, B., Lesurf, R., Hallett, M., Suderman, M., Munn, R., Cardiff, R., and Muller, W. Pten deficiency accelerates tumor induction in a mouse model of erbb-2 mammary tumorigenesis. Cancer Research, April 2008, v. 68, n. 7, pp. 2122-2131. IF: 7.672/3.
[4] Lee, A., Perreault, R., Suderman, S. H. E. B. M., Hallett, M., and Jenna, S. Systems-based suppression of mental retardation-associated genetic perturbations in c. elegans, 2008. 2nd Institut de recherches cliniques de MontrĂ©al Meeting on Systems Biology: Molecular Networks.
[5] Pepin, F., Hallett, M., and Park, M. Gene expression profiles of endothelial tissues, June 2008. US Army Breast Cancer Meeting.
[6] Schade, B., Lam, S. H. L., Cernea, D., Sanguin-Gendreau, V., Cardiff, R. D., Jung, B. L., Hallett, M., and Muller, W. J. Distinct erbb-2/neu-coupled signaling pathways promote mammary tumors with unique pathological and transcriptional profiles. Cancer Research, 2007, v. 67, n. 16, pp. 7579-7588.
[7] Rose, A. A., Pepin, F., Russo, C., Khalil, J. E. A., Hallett, M., and Siegel, P. M. Osteoactivin promotes breast cancer metastasis to bone. Molecular Cancer Research, 2007, v. 5, n. 10, pp. 1001-1014.
[8] Suderman, M., and Hallett, M. T. Tools for visually exploring biological networks. Bioinformatics, 2007, v. 23, n. 20, pp. 2651-2659.
[9] Bergeron, J. M., and Hallett, M. The proteotypic proteome identifies peptides to count on. Nature Biotechnology, 2007, v. 25, n. 1, p. 612.
[10] McCartin, C., and Hallett, M. A faster fpt algorithm for the maximum agreement forest problem. Theory of Computing Systems, Special Issue: Parameterized Complexity, 2007, v. 41, n. 3, pp. 1-12. In Press.
[11] Finak, G., Park, M., and Hallett, M. Variance component analysis for cancer gene expression data. In RECOMB Computational Cancer Biology, San Diego, CA. October 2007, pp. 17-19.
[12] Hall, J., Finak, G., Pepin, F., Chughtai, N., Zhao, H., Souleimanova, M., Chen, H., Sadekova, S., Bertos, N., Meterissian, S., Omeroglu, A., Hallett, M., and Park, M. Characterization of epithelial/stroma interactions in breast cancer. In NCRI conference, 2007.
[13] Pepin, F., Finak, G., Hallett, M., and Park, M. Characterization of endothelial gene expression in breast cancer. In NCRI conference, 2007.
[14] Lee, A., Jansen, G., Surprenant, J., Harcus, D., Scott, M., Tan, E., Nishimura, T., Whiteway, M., Hallett, M., and Thomas, D. Chemogenomic profiling predicts antifungal synergies. In CSBMCB 50th Annual Meeting, 2007.

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