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Undergraduate Orientation

Sep 03, 2015 Info_session

  Computer Science and Software Engineering... Freshman, newly admitted students, Science and Arts students are welcome. Advising appoints will be assigned at end of the info session. Read more

Electrical shutdown in McConnell FACILITY

May 26, 2015 Alert

Description: ELECTRICAL SHUTDOWN Date: SUNDAY, MAY 31ST Start Time: 6:00AM End Time: 2:00PM   Essential services should continue to run. Research servers affected by the power outage will come back online the following Monday morning. Read more

Casual Research Assistant - Part time

May 22, 2015 Job_posting

The School of Computer Science is looking for a Part time Casual Research Assistant Duties:

  • Literature review on applications of crypto systems to social media platform design
  • Advising other group members on their projects
  Qualifications / Skills Required:
  • PhD
  • Background in cryptography
  • Strong mentorship skills
... Read more

Seismo Tech: Recruiting Developers

May 22, 2015 Job_posting

Company:  SeismoTech is an engineering startup that creates software to assess earthquake vulnerability in buildings. Our product significantly improves upon current industry best practices, putting us at the forefront of vibration sensing techniques which are revolutionizing the engineering industry. We aim to significantly disrupt the seismic ... Read more

Analytics Project at the Faculty of Law

May 20, 2015 Job_posting

The Research Office of the Faculty of Law is looking for a student to provide assistance in the context of a analytics project—the goal of which is to assess the Faculty of Law’s research impact, and the evolution thereof.  The student will provide the Faculty’s Research Office and student research ... Read more

Learning Models for Monitoring and Prognosis from Electronic Health Data

May 15, 2015 Colloquium

Healthcare spending is nearing $3 trillion per year, but in spite of this expenditure, the US is outpaced by most developed countries with regard to outcomes. Until recently, one of the key bottlenecks for research in care delivery was the lack of data to analyze the health system’s workings. But ... Read more

Looking for Simulations programmer at McGill

May 12, 2015 Job_posting

An auditory cognitive neuroscience lab in Psychology (
wishes to hire a CS/ENG student (undergrad or grad) to join the
research team in a part-time position, beginning summer 2015.
Matlab programming experience with Simulink is a must. Can anticipate 5 -
10 hours per week at $15/hr. Flexible start date ... Read more

Let's have a RESTful Conversation

May 08, 2015 Seminar

 The REST architectural style has made a strong impact on the way Web services are designed, built and also composed. In this talk we take a close look at the way clients interact with them and introduce the notion of RESTful conversation. We show that there many ... Read more

LORIS summer of code

Apr 24, 2015 Info_session

The nature of your involvement would be up to you; you can work on a project of your choosing, and we only ask for as much time as you are willing to invest. We will maintain a flexible schedule at our office for supporting your efforts. Introduction During the first ... Read more

Geometric Paradigms for MRI Analysis with Applications to Cardioimaging and Neuroimaging

Apr 24, 2015 Colloquium

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive and highly versatile imaging modality, with unprecedented capabilities for disclosing in-vivo anatomical and functional information. Imaging protocols as well as image analysis paradigms are traditionally set up so as to convey this information to the radiologist in a format geared towards visual interpretation, supported by software platforms ... Read more