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From the Linux Kernel to Cryptography APIs: Supporting and Leveraging Software Product Lines

Apr 13, 2016 Faculty Candidate Talk

Software has become increasingly pervasive in every aspect of our lives, and a one size fits all strategy is no longer sustainable. The same software system often needs to be customized to support a wide range of hardware, improve performance, reduce memory footprints, or simply satisfy different user needs. Software ... Read more

Boosting Developer Productivity: How Personal Data Will Revolutionize Software Development

Apr 04, 2016 Faculty Candidate Talk

“Software is eating the world.” This statement by Marc Andreessen in a Wall Street Journal op-ed highlights the fact that software has become the backbone of countless major businesses, a trend that is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Yet there never seem to be enough software developers to ... Read more

Damien Goblet wins first prize for his poster “Cartan frames for characterizing fiber geometry in pig hearts from diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)”

Mar 31, 2016 Announcement

Damien Goblot a master’s student under the supervision of Prof Kaleem Siddiqi won first prize in the “heart failure” category for his poster “Cartan frames for characterizing fiber geometry in pig hearts from diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)” presented at the 2016 Imaging Network Ontario symposium in Toronto Read more

The Secret Life of Mobile Applications

Mar 30, 2016 Faculty Candidate Talk

As software becomes increasingly more complex and yet more pervasive, poor understanding of software behavior compromises the quality and the integrity of software systems that we use. In this talk, I will show that automated analysis techniques can help to identify and reason about software behavior characteristics that matter to ... Read more

Looking for someone familiar with ACCESS database

March 23, 2016 Job_posting

I am hoping you could help me find someone that is familiar with ACCESS database. I am looking to hire someone to make some changes and updates. It’s a small project perhaps a few days at $20/hour. We use the database for our memberships here at the Morgan Arboretum. I would ... Read more

Lessons in Social Coding: Software Analytics in the Age of GitHub

Mar 17, 2016 Faculty Candidate Talk

ABSTRACT:   Social media has forever changed the ways in which we communicate and work, programming included. This “social coding” movement (code is meant to be shared!) made popular by GitHub has come to represent a paradigm shift in software development, especially in the open-source world. For example, the “pull ... Read more

Automatically Generating Software Documentation from Existing Sources

Mar 14, 2016 Faculty Candidate Talk

ABSTRACT:   Program comprehension is a fundamental activity during software maintenance and evolution, accounting for almost half of the resources invested in software change. Together with the source code, software documentation is a critical resource when comprehending a software system. Documentation, however, is far from ideal--more often than not, documentation ... Read more

Prof. Brigitte Pientka has been awarded a prestigious Humboldt Fellowship by the Humboldt Foundation in Germany.

Mar 08, 2016 Award

Prof. Brigitte Pientka has been awarded a prestigious Humboldt Fellowship by the Humboldt Foundation in Germany.  She will spend it at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.  Congratulations Brigitte! Read more

Congratulations to Emmanuel Piuze on his CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2015 Honourable Mention

Feb 29, 2016 Announcement

Each year the Canadian Society for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (CIPPRS) offers a prize to the best two theses in areas related to computer and robot vision and image analysis. Emmanuel Piuze won one of these, the honorable mention award, this year for his thesis “The geometry of cardiac ... Read more

Casual Research Assistant

Feb. 27, 2016 Job_posting

Casual Research Assistant Research software developer needed for a highly-specialized short-term job.  Applicant should have experience with Python and C++ integration, human-machine interaction, user studies and the development of custom embedded systems. The idea candidate should also have experience with 3D printing, graphic models of Bayesian inference and be able ... Read more