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How to Go Really Big in AI: Strategies & Principles for Distributed Machine Learning

Dec 09, 2015 Colloquium

The rise of Big Data has led to new demands for Machine Learning (ML) systems to learn complex models with millions to billions of parameters that promise adequate capacity to digest massive datasets and offer powerful predictive analytics (such as high-dimensional latent features, intermediate representations, and decision functions) thereupon. In ... Read more

Expert information processing as strategic information encryption

Dec 04, 2015 Colloquium

Players in incomplete information games have an equivocal relationship with uncertainty: they can use it to stay unpredictable to others, but it also keeps them from accurately predicting others. Poker experts, for example, must extract information from opponents without revealing any about themselves, even though integrating more information from an ... Read more

Central-limit approach to risk-aware Markov decision processes

Nov 27, 2015 Colloquium

Whereas classical Markov decision processes maximize the expected
reward, we consider minimizing the risk. We propose to evaluate the
risk associated to a given policy over a long-enough time horizon
with the help of a central limit theorem.  The proposed approach
works whether the transition probabilities ... Read more

Casual Research Asst. - Backend Developer

Nov. 26, 2015 Job_posting


  • Design and implement a REST API for a smart phone app
  • Design and deploy a scalable NOSQL database
  • Integrate with payment gateway to allow for in-app purchases
  • Version control of the code
  • Coordinate closely with the front end app developer to ensure proper integration
  • Report regularly to the ... Read more

Academic Associate

Nov. 19, 2015 Job_posting

Primary Responsibilities
1. Write grant proposals for:
- Infrastructure funding
- Research funding
 -Access to advanced research computing (ARC) systems, storage and
-software solutions
2. Write technical reports for industry partners, updating them on the status
of various projects in the lab.
3. Assist both students and faculty ... Read more

Building Games in Unreal Engine with Free Assets

Nov 18, 2015 Seminar

During this presentation, we will build a live game working with existing UE4 templates and freely available Unreal Engine Marketplace assets.  By combining simple C++ classes with the power of UE4's visual scripting language Blueprints, a procedural course will be constructed to stream for a player to endlessly navigate.  Additional topics will touch on basic ... Read more

Accepting applications for a tenure-track appointment in Software Engineering

Nov. 6, 2015 Academic_position

Assistant Professor

Version française L’École d’informatique de l’Université McGill sollicite des candidatures pour un poste menant à la permanence à titre de professeur adjoint de génie logiciel. L’entrée en fonction aura lieu le 1er août 2016.

Les candidats doivent être détenteurs d’un doctorat en informatique ... Read more

Entity-Centric Data Management

Nov 06, 2015 Colloquium

Until recently, structured (e.g., relational) and unstructured (e.g., textual) data were managed very differently: Structured data was queried declaratively using languages such as SQL, while unstructured data was searched using boolean queries over inverted indices. Today, we witness the rapid emergence of entity-centric techniques to bridge the gap between different ... Read more

Position: Graduate Student, Data/GIS Support

Nov. 3, 2015 Job_posting

Position: Graduate Student, Data/GIS Support Department: Research Commons, Humanities & Social Sciences Library Period of Employment: November 2015 – April 2016 $12.36/hour; 8 – 12 hours/week       Qualifications: McGill graduate student with knowledge of any and/or all of the following: numeric data, textual data, statistical software (i.e. SPSS, ... Read more

Computational Riboswitch Detection Using Inverse RNA Folding

Nov 03, 2015 Seminar

The inverse RNA folding problem for designing sequences that fold into a given RNA secondary structure was introduced in the early 1990's in Vienna. Using a coarse-grain tree graph representation of the RNA secondary structure, we extended the inverse RNA folding problem to include constraints such as thermodynamic stability and ... Read more