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Undergraduate Orientation

Sep 03, 2015 Info_session

    Computer Science and Software Engineering... Freshman, newly admitted students, Science and Arts students are welcome. Advising appoints will be assigned at end of the info session. Read more

LORIS summer of code

Apr 24, 2015 Info_session

The nature of your involvement would be up to you; you can work on a project of your choosing, and we only ask for as much time as you are willing to invest. We will maintain a flexible schedule at our office for supporting your efforts. Introduction During the first ... Read more

Geometric Paradigms for MRI Analysis with Applications to Cardioimaging and Neuroimaging

Apr 24, 2015 Colloquium

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive and highly versatile imaging modality, with unprecedented capabilities for disclosing in-vivo anatomical and functional information. Imaging protocols as well as image analysis paradigms are traditionally set up so as to convey this information to the radiologist in a format geared towards visual interpretation, supported by software platforms ... Read more

From Model (driven) Engineering to Language (driven) Engineering

Apr 17, 2015 Colloquium

Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) aims at reducing the accidental complexity associated with developing complex software-intensive systems. A primary source of accidental complexity is the wide gap between the high-level concepts used by domain experts to express their specific needs and the low-level abstractions provided by general-purpose programming languages. Manually bridging ... Read more

Research group at CS uncovers flaws with Facebook's Like mechanism

Apr 13, 2015 Announcement

Our Professor Liu and his team (students Xinye Lin and Mingyuan Xia) researched Facebook's URL-like mechanism on the Internet and uncovered several features that could be exploited by online spammers to produce massive fake "likes". This work has gained attention from the social giant and is covered by the mainstream ... 
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Active Semantic Robotics

Apr 09, 2015 Faculty Candidate Talk

My research objective is to enable robots to utilize increasingly rich, robust, and adaptable representations of their environment. I believe this crucially requires the combination of perception, planning and control, and have focused on algorithms that jointly reason about 2 or more of these factors. First, I will describe my ... Read more


Apr 08, 2015 Award

Test Read more

Emeritus Professor Chris Paige is named a SIAM Fellow

Apr 07, 2015 Award

Emeritus Professor Chris Paige has been made a fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics for outstanding contributions to matrix computations and numerical stability analysis, including fundamental insights into the Lanczos process. 
Bravo, Chris!
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Prof. Joelle Pineau named a William Dawson Scholar at McGill

Apr 07, 2015 Award

Congratulations to Joelle.  Read more

CS student Pascale Gourdeau wins Anita Borg Fellowship

Apr 07, 2015 Award

Congratulations, Pascale. Read more